ACT BootCamps

ACT BootCamp Marin 2016- Past but Fall 2016 Coming Soon!

ACT BootCamp


ACT BootCamp® is more than just a long workshop. This four-day event is a distillation of everything that’s so exciting about acceptance and commitment therapy. Over this long weekend, you can expect to:

  • Learn the basics of the model from some of the most experienced and respected trainers in the community
  • Watch master clinicians demonstrate the work
  • Explore ACT experientially, learning it from the inside out
  • Discover and practice effective and evidence-bases clinical skills

BootCamp is an ideal introduction to the ACT model for complete beginners. There is no experience necessary to make the most of this workshop. However, even very experienced ACT therapists will find that the entire workshop will enrich and deepen their practice. And everyone, regardless of level, will benefit tremendously from the atmosphere of community and connection that only this event can generate.

Featuring Innovative Trainers:

Day 1: Explore each of the six ACT processes with Robyn Walser
Day 2: Touch the heart of ACT with Kelly Wilson
Day 3: Dive into the method of the model with me, Steve Hayes
Day 4: Learn practical clinical skills based on the ACT Matrix with Benji Schoendorff and Marie-France Bolduc

And bringing the whole experience together for you in these four days will be Drill Sergeants Matt Boone, Tim Gordon, and Emily Sandoz.

CE Credit Hours – 33 (No partial credit)
Dates: Feb. 25-28th, 2016
Embassy Suites San Rafael
101 McInnis Parkway
San Rafael, CA 94903

Register now, spots are limited and filling up quickly-