ACT II- Atlanta A Skills-Building Intensive Training

Produced in collaboration with Life University

Life UniversityReady to take your ACT Skills to the next level? Ready to learn ACT as a dance?

Join us for an ACT clinical skills-building intensive, an opportunity to practice reading, targeting, and moving psychological flexibility processes. In this entirely new type of intermediate ACT workshop, the most experienced ACT therapist of all, Steve Hayes, has developed a comprehensive set of creative exercises that build out ACT as different type of evidence-based practice: not protocols for syndromes, but evidence-based processes linked to procedures that address problems and promote prosperity in people.

ACT II will help you see psychological flexibility processes in flight, and target these processes at will within the therapeutic relationship, changing evidence-based therapy from a kind of march into a fluid psychotherapeutic dance. Even the style of the workshop is different. Just as you can’t learn to dance solely through verbal instructions — you have to practice and get feedback — this skills-building intensive creates more fluid and flexible ACT abilities by creatively breaking ACT down into a manageable set of key skills and learning them by demonstration, practice, and feedback. If you have ever felt stuck in a corner of the psychological flexibility model in your ACT work, after this workshop you will learn moves that takes you out of that corner and advances therapeutic progress.

This 2-day training will help you:

  • Detect psychological flexibility processes in flight in session
  • Conceptualize cases in terms of flexibility processes
  • Target psychological flexibility processes at will at any point in therapy
  • Develop flexible and productive core intervention skills in ACT
  • Use these skills to create a powerful therapeutic relationship

13CE Credit Hours
Venue:Life University Center for Athletics & Science Blg
1269 Barclay Circle
Marietta, Georgia 30060
Price:$345, early bird and $172 Student
Steven C. Hayes

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